Reviews for You

If you would like me to review your book, band, art, etc...Please contact me @ with info.   I will also advertise your upcoming event (performance, giveaway, blog tour etc…)

My Review Policy:

I believe in writers helping writers..

That said, here are my guidelines and things you might want to know when submitting a book for review.

1. Send me the Arc or hard copy (I will take PDF but prefer .mobi files)

2. Have patience. I am slow reader – that’s good for you, because I actually read the book, think about it, and discuss it to whomever I happen to be around.

3. I don’t give stars.  I use to, but it just seemed so arbitrary.

4. I keep my reviews positive. If I read something that I don’t like or if it was difficult to get through, I would rather say nothing then give a bad review. That said, if I read your book and did not post a review…you could assume that’s why.  

5. I like reading Paranormal (some Paranormal Romance is okay), YA, Middle School, Fantasy…but am open minded :)   

6. I don’t read erotica, or gross-out books.

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